Tubular Skylights


The Evolution of the Skylight 

For about the cost of a nice light fixture, we can bring the soft natural light of the sun into virtually any space in your home. Installed on any roof surface in under two hours, you will quickly realize the cost benefits of a tubular skylight over incandescent and even traditional skylights. Plus fluorescents which many people are using to save energy have been proven to cause health issues. In addition to the free daytime operating cost, Natural Light tubular skylights do not contribute to heat loss or gain, unlike some traditional skylights. Our tubular skylights are precision engineered to withstand all weather conditions making them leak-proof and maintenance free. The sleek unit was designed with curb-appeal in mind with an attractive light fixture and a choice of  diffuser styles. All models have a 25 year product warranty – the best in the industry!

How Does It Work?

The low-profile, durable acrylic dome captures sunlight on your roof from sunup to sundown. The captured sunlight travels through a highly reflective, mirror-like tube. It bounces several times inside the tube before entering your home through an attractive light fixture which is designed to evenly spread the incoming sunlight eliminating “hot spots”. The tubular skylight also blocks out harmful UV rays.

Key Features

Unique condensation release system prevents moisture build-up. Low-profile unit blends seamlessly into roof line  Built-in UV protection prevents fading on clothing, furniture and rugs.

  • Bug and dust proof sealing system
  • Water tight and maintenance free
  • Several models available to fit all roof types
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No structural changes or wiring required
  • Accessories available: Dimmer, Light Kit and Vent Kit


  • Dimmer with Remote – The dimmer allows you to adjust the amount of daylight entering a room with an easy-to-use remote control. Perfect for any room that may need to be darkened during the day including bedrooms, media rooms and conference rooms. Available for 10″, 13″ and 21″ models.
  • Exhaust Vent Kit – Extremely quiet vent kit motor is capable of exhausting 125 cfm. Perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms, it incorporates a sleek light fixture with a hidden intake. No more ugly vent grates! The vent kit can accommodate a light kit and is available for the 10″ model.
  • Electric Light Kit – The light kit adds an electric light fixture directly into the tubular skylight for night time use. It can replace a previous light  fixture or it can be installed anywhere with additional electrical wiring. Available in single, dual or fluorescent bulb models.

Warranty and Certifications

25 Year Product Warranty – Best in the Industry!

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • ICC-ES Listed
  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • Hurricane Tested and Approved




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